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SBH Ride Updates

Gold River to Folsom Grind on Friday
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Thanks to everyone who came out today in the heat and thanks to Mark for creating a 33 mile route so that we could get back earlier. We ended up with a nice ride and great company; ok a bit hot going up a couple little hills! We all made it back and got in some miles before the oven turned on full force.

Stay cool everyone!



This may be the record for most messages for a single ride!! Sorry.

Just checked and it's going to be 77 at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

So... I will be at ride start by 7:30 and allow folks to leave early.

As well, riders may choose to go up and back on trail giving you about 22 miles.

I will sweep the short (if anyone does it) and leave promptly at 8.

No sweep for long so please ride with a friend and bring plenty of liquids.

Stay cool!

The RWGPS route has been updated with the correct Excel route sheet.

Have a great ride.



The excel route sheet for the newly created Folsom Grind 3C is not updated so I am attaching here and will bring plenty of route sheets to the ride start! The RWGPS directions are correct however.


Frolic up to Folsom Grind!  

We added a shorter route that skips Beals and Folsom Lake Crossing in case it gets hot. Thanks Mark for creating this route!

There will be 2 options as follows.

Folsom Grind 3A: 38 miles, 1929 ft climbing: Shorter route:

Folsom Grind 3C: 32.5 miles, 1442 ft climbing:

Shorter route may not be swept so plan to ride with a friend! If it's hot we may all decide to do the short ride. Bring snacks/water in case Folsom Grind is crowded.

See you there!


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