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Ride Leader Information

Welcome to the ride leader information page.  Leading a ride is probably the most important job in the club, although it is one of the easiest to perform. We have over 400 pre-mapped routes from several start locations you can choose from.  Each route has a ready-to-print cue sheet you can download and print. If you are familiar with Ride With GPS (RWGPS) you may design a new route and our RWGPS Coordinators can help you generate the cue sheet in the club format and save the route in our library with the appropriate naming convention. Once you have signed up for a ride on the Event Calendar and selected your route, you print the necessary documents (see the Quick Links above) and you will be ready to lead a ride. For more information, please review the following information.


The club has a set of guidelines that defines how to be a successful Ride Leader. Download a copy of the Ride Leader Guidelines RIDE LEADER GUIDELINES  and the RIDE LEADER CHECKLIST  .


All rides must be posted to the online Event Calendar.  A Ride Leader must be logged in on the member website to enter a ride. Select the Event Calendar and the "Add Quick Event" button. The following information must be entered in the appropriate fields.

1. A name for your ride
2. A description of the ride destination and mileage in the Short Description Box. Once the exact route is known, the RWGPS link should be added to this box
3. Select a Category of Event from the drop-down menu
4. Select your contact visibility (e-mail should be member only; phone should be everyone)
5. Enter the date and start and finish times of the ride in the appropriate boxes
6. Select a Start Location from the drop down box (or type in a new one) 
7. Check the show map box
8. Save your event

That was easy! You can use the edit function (pencil) any time to update your ride description and add your RWGPS link when you have decided your route.

Leading a Ride

Following is a brief summary of the steps needed to lead a club ride. The actual sequence can and will vary, but at some point you will need to complete each step.
  1. Advise the Ride Coordinators you would like to become a Ride Leader (new ride leaders only)
  2. Plan/Select a route
  3. Add the ride to the Event Calendar
  4. Prepare and Print Cue Sheets
  5. Print the Ride Packet (Sign-in Roster, Guest Waiver Forms, and Incident Report Form)
  6. Notify the Club of the ride, if appropriate
  7. Conduct and sweep the ride
  8. Send in the paperwork
You do not need to lead a ride on your own. Team up with another member to help you. You can recruit another member to help sweep your ride or if you have multiple routes, one of the optional routes. 

You are the leader of the ride and have the authority to make necessary decisions during the ride. 

Step 1 — Advise the Ride Coordinators

E-mail the Ride Coordinators at if this is the first time you will be leading a ride. The Ride Coordinators can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2 — Plan a route

Either plan a new route using Ride With GPS (RWGPS) or use a club route from the RWGPS library.  The club library contains over 400 electronic routes and pre-formatted cue sheets. (Please note:  When using RWGPS, a different logon and password is required. Contact the RWGPS Coordinator at

The library is provided to help new Ride Leaders get started and provide veteran Ride Leaders with a quick set of rides for that last-minute addition to the Ride Calendar. The club encourages all Ride Leaders to plan and develop new routes. Ride Leaders are responsible for printing and bringing cue sheets and the ride packet to their ride.

Select the following link to access the Bike Hiker Route and Cue Sheet Library ROUTE AND CUE SHEET LIBRARY


Step 3 — Add the Ride to the Event Calendar

The Event Calendar is the on-line area where members add rides. To add a ride, log onto your member account with your username and password.  An empty date indicates that a day is open and needs a Ride Leader. See the Scheduling section above for information on how to add a ride to the Calendar.  You do not have to know your route or destination when adding a ride to the Event Calendar.  For example, you could include a description such as "Coffee Ride to Starbucks" in the Short Description Box.  Once you determine your destination and route you should use the Event edit function to fully describe your ride, including destination, mileage, route options including RWGPS links and elevation changes.  Remember, the Event Calendar can be viewed by guests and potential members who would like to try a ride with the club. What would you want to know before trying a ride with the club? How can you be more descriptive to encourage members to join the ride? 

Step 4 — Prepare Route Sheets

Obtain a copy of the turn-by-turn directions for the ride from the RWGPS Library or by creating a new route sheet.  When you open the RWGPS file you will find a link to the Excel cue sheet.  Add your name and phone number to the cue sheet before printing.  Make copies for the expected number of riders (holidays may require more). 

Step 5 — Review the Ride Packet

Print your Sign-in Roster, Waiver Form and Incident Report. Review the RIDE LEADER CHECKLIST  . 

Step 6 — Notify the Club of the Ride

It is recommended that Ride Leaders send out an email to notify the club regarding the ride one to two days in advance of the ride. The e-mail should include the day and time of the ride, the start location, details as to the destination, ride options and their length, elevation changes, and a link to the electronic RWGPS route sheet. This step is helpful so riders know what to expect regarding the mileage, destination, grade and conditions.  

Step 7 — Conduct and Sweep the Ride

On the scheduled day, lead the ride. At the start of the ride go over any last-minute instructions about the route, introduce guests and new members, then sweep the ride. After the ride, verify that everyone has returned, initialed the sign out box on the roster, and check the appropriate mileage.

Step 8 — Send in the Ride Paperwork

The final step – send in the ride paperwork (Sign-in-Roster and Waiver Form if utilized) to the Mileage Recorder in one of the following ways:

  • Scan all appropriate pages or take a picture of all appropriate pages. Ensure all areas of each page are captured in a scan or picture.
  • Email to mileage@bikehikers.comusing Subject line as “Sign-in-Roster for MM/DD/YY”
  • Or, send the forms to the Mileage Recorder via USPS mail. Return envelopes will be available at Club meetings or call the Mileage Recorder listed in the website Contacts for mailing instructions.

Do not submit via text. 

Keep the originals until you see the mileage has been recorded for the ride and then shred or otherwise destroy.

IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT during a ride, fill out the Incident Report Form and, in addition to sending the roster to the Mileage Recorder, also email it and a copy of the Sign-in-Roster to the club treasurer at or call the Club Treasurer listed in the website Contacts for mailing instructions. 


Thanks for leading a Club ride!!