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Help Feature:
As you become familiar with our new website we also have a new "Help" feature. If you notice on the right side in the middle of all pages on the website there is an "arrow". If you put your cursor over the arrow a help box will pop out. If you click on "Help" a menu for that page will load. There are some tips and a search feature of help items. If you cannot get your question answered or still have a technical issue, you can contact Club Express Customer Support at the e-mail or phone listed at the bottom of the Help dialogue. 

The Website presentation from the August Club meeting can be viewed here WEBSITE PRESENTATION

Opening RWGPS Links on the Event Calendar:
There have been some questions on how to open the RWGPS links on the event calendar. Here are different ways to open the links on different devices.

Part of a typical ride description might look like:

No sweep for the short unless we have a volunteer. RWGPS Links: Short: Long: Destination: Starbucks at 1410 E. Roseville Pkwy 789-9403

The method to jump to these RWGPS URLs differs depending what type of device you're using:

Chrome Browser on a Windows PC
1. Highlight the URL, starting with the https part (such as
2. RIght click on the highlighted part
3. A pop-up menu will appear, and one option will be to 'go to' the URL
4. Click on this option and the RWGPS route should appear in a new tab

Android Phone/Tablet
1. Touch the URL to highlight it
2. A menu will appear above the highlighted text.  One of the options will be to go to Ride With GPS
3. Select that option and you will be taken to the RWGPS route

Apple iPhones/iPads
1. Highlight the URL
2. Copy it to your clipboard
3. Open your browser (typically Safari)
4. Paste the copied URL into the address bar. You will be taken to the RWGPS page
5. Once you have the RWGPS page, you may be given an option to open it in the RWGPS app on your phone. 
    Choose that if you want to download the route, or receive audio cues as you ride
6. If you don't get the option to go to the App, you can Pin the route, then open the RWGPS App and go to the pinned routes

Mileage Log
A "Ride Log"  button has been added as a top menu selection once you are signed into the Bike Hiker web site.  Some info on what you will see:
  • It is "real time" and reflects figures as rides are entered and could lag a day or two behind the actual ride.
  • "Home Miles" are Animal Miles
  • At this time, it is only offered in order by miles ridden.  It is not able to be sorted.  After all rosters have been received for a month, I'll post a downloadable Excel version that can be sorted anyway you want and a pdf version in alpha order in the Document folder
  • "Rides Led" only reflects those on the new site so after 7/1/19.  Past figures are in the appropriate file in Documents/Mileage Log as communicated earlier.
  • "Rides" only reflects those on the new site so after 7/1/19 plus 1.  The 1 is the one ride in your individual statistics dated 6/30/19 for bulk data for period Jan-June.
  • "Miles/Ride" is new to the club.  However, this year it will appear that we are all superhuman.  The high number is due to the one bulk entry ride accounting for six months worth of mileage.
  • "Miles", "Home Miles" and "Lifetime Miles" should represent your totals for this year.
USER ID/Password:
If you did not receive an e-mail with your user id and password, please e-mail with your current e-mail address for the primary member.  Robert Nick will resend your log on credentials. In many cases we do not have a current e-mail in the member database. 

Membership Renewals:
If your dues are overdue you will receive an auto-generated notice to renew and you will be reminded each time you log on the the website. You can follow the link and instructions to renew on line. Members who are over 90 days past due become inactive and we are not able to add your miles. 

Lifetime Member:
Lifetime Members will need to go through the renewal process each July. Like all our members you will be asked to acknowledge our liability and safety waivers. You will not be required to pay dues.

To access and update your profile log onto the club website. Move your cursor over your name at the top right corner of the homepage. Select Profile.You can update your contact information; member directory listing, add a personal photo, update additional family members if applicable and select who can see your directory information. Remember if you are leading rides, put your cell phone number in the home phone number box.

Ride Leaders - Add/Edit Rides:
Below are the general steps to enter a ride once you have logged in as a member.  

Go to the Event Calendar 
Click the "Add Quick Event" button.  

1. Create a name for your ride
2. Enter a description of the ride destination and mileage in the Short Description Box. Once the exact route is known, the RWGPS link should be added to this box
3. Select a Category of Event from the drop-down menu
4. Select your contact visibility (e-mail should be member only; phone should be everyone)
5. Enter the date and start and finish times of the ride in the appropriate boxes
6. Select a Start Location from the drop down box (or type in a new one) 
7. Check the show map box
8. Save your event

You can go back and edit your information and add the RWGPS link after you have saved your event.

All the ride leader instructions and documents can be found by going to the Home page and clicking on the RIDE LEADER INFORMATION  button on the bottom right hand corner of the page.  We encourage you to review the documents if you are a new ride leader or even if you are not, just to get refreshed with the current guidelines. 

If you have any questions on adding or editing rides in the event calendar contact the ride coordinators at

Searching for Your Rides:
When you add a ride to the Event Calendar you can add your initials after the ride name in parenthesis in order to find your rides later. For example My Ride Name (SK). When looking at the Event Calendar you will be able to spot your rides by looking for your initials. If you have multiple rides over one or more months you can also find a list of your rides using the Search function. At the right of the Event Calendar Screen you can select the pop-out window, and select "Search". Enter your initials including the parenthesis in the search bar, put in the date range and select search. Your rides will now show up in a list. You can print your list. When complete, select the re-set search button so all events on the calendar show again.