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Yahoo! Groups

In addition to this web site, the club uses Yahoo! Groups to enable and facilitate dynamic email interactions among the members. The primary one we call the Bike Hikers E-Group. We use it to quickly post relevant information pertaining to the club and its activities and the local cycling community. We try to be civil and polite and allow no person to person posting. The E-Group is an excellent resource for all club-related information and questions. So check it out and sign up today. It’s free!

Joining the Bike Hikers E-Group


Join the E-Group today. It's free and only takes a couple of minutes. All you need is to create a Yahoo account, if you don't already have one, and join the group!  (Again, it's all free). 
• Go to if you don't already have a Yahoo account
• Click on Sign up for a new account
• Complete the required information (& write down your password)
• Click on the Create Account button

• Once you have your account, proceed below 

• Click Here to enter the Bike Hikers E-Group, then click on "+ Join Group!".
• Choose your delivery preference and type the visual code displayed
• Use the “Submit Request” button. You will be notified when you are added.
• Add to your contact list and . . . you are good to go!
• You might also add that page to your bookmarks.

If you have problems or questions contact
Address all E-Group postings to


Joining the Bike Hikers Forum


The Bike Hikers Forum (BHForum) is like the E-Group, but is intended for extended discussions of topics and issues relating to the club and the cycling community. This group is unmoderated and not used very often. Please be on your best behavior and avoid un-civil comments. Please note the same rules apply to the BHForum that apply to the E-Group, just in a non-proactive way. (Again, it's all free.) 

Click Here to view the Bike Hikers Forum, then click on "+ Join Group". 

Address all forum postings to
Please review the club's rules and policies for using the Yahoo! Groups . [Yahoo Groups Rules]