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SBH Ride Updates

Take It to the Streets: Coffee Republic etc
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Thanks to all who came out to ride and glad everyone enjoyed the routes and happy it did not get too hot!


Yes , loved discovering the ,new to me ,trails toward the dam on the long route.

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Thanks again, Michele…lots of route & coffee/snack options, something for everyone!


Thanks for making so many options. Something for everyone!

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So great to see so many familiar faces on today’s Bike Hiker ride to Coffee Republic. Just like old pre-Covid days.

Great ride Michele.


Tomorrow we ride from 5 Points to Coffee Republic/Julians/McDonalds. It may get hot so I am including a shorter option that is mostly trail: Coffee Republic 1A: 34 miles

This route will not be swept so please plan to ride with a friend.

The 37 and 41 mile routes are similar except for the 4 mile jaunt into the American Canyon area. Depending on the heat, 37 mile route may not be swept, TBD, so, again, plan to ride with a friend! Please also bring snacks and water in case venues are crowded.

Coffee Republic 6A: 37 miles:

Coffee Republic 6B: 41 miles:

Happy Sunday!


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