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SBH Ride Updates

July 6 - Tuesday Ride to Panera Bakery
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Thanks for replying.  It is nicer now.  Happy 4th of July


Good day, take care, and be safe

Hi Kathy.  I haven’t been west of Watt, on the south side, for quite awhile.  So I don’t know if that portion on the South side has been completed. Sorry.

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Wayne and I rode on it yesterday.  It's fresh pavement from Watt all the way to Alumni Grove/CSUS.  Still a little bumpy, but much better than before!  All of the barricades and closure signs are gone.


I think you are familiar with the trails and streets around CSUS.  Has the south side of the trail finished early and open again?  See


Hope everyone has/had a wonderful liberty celebration and enjoyed your independence day.

As one of the Downtown and Beyond leisure rides, This route is just shy of 25 miles and is flat unless you consider riding up levees or pedestrian bridges as hills. Speaking of pedestrian bridges we will cross over HWY 50 on a bridge you most likely haven't used before.

See Quick Events Calendar for more details.

Club ride name: Panera Zinfandel - 1A. Please print out your own cue sheets.

Aloha and hasta luego; see ya later,

Terry Snyder

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