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November Club News - 11/7

Members re-elected Steven Kahn, Bobb Gregory, Karen Holland, Becky Neal and Robert Nick to another year on the Board at the November Club meeting. 

Bobb Gregory reviewed the financial report and provided a forecast of the club's financial position at the end of the year. He noted that the club recently purchased bike racks that will be used at Party Pardee rest stops and other club events. We anticipate spending approximately $4,595 on the Holiday Party. Based on our projected financial results the Board has approved the following donations for 2019 (some of which have already been made):

Sacramento Children's Home (20 bikes, helmets and locks for resident children) $4,595
California Specialty Bike License Plate Program $1,000 (we are also a sponsor and we are recognized on the program website)
Save the American River Association $1,000
SABA $1,000
California Bike Coalition $1,000
US Bicycle Hall of Fame $500 (members can visit the museum in Davis at no cost when mentioning membership in the Bike Hikers)
Turkey Drive $200 (turkey donation to the Sacramento Food Bank as part of the November 21 Turkey Ride)
American River Parkway Mile 12 Sponsorship $1,500
Project Hero $2,500 
American River Parkway Foundation Spring Blitz $2,290
American River Parkway Foundation Ride the Parkway Sponsorship $750

We anticipate donations and expenses to exceed revenue in 2019 by about $2,000.

Upcoming Club Events - 11/7 (see the Event Calendar for more details)

Soup Ride, Saturday November 9. The ride starts at 9 am at Five Points and soup will be served at the William Pond Park Gazebo at 11 am.
Turkey Ride; Thursday November 21. The ride starts at 9 am at Five Points, we will ride to a grocery store to purchase turkeys, then to deliver them to the Food Bank. Turkey transport will be provided. Lunch follows at Lowbrau.
Run to Save the Hungry; Thursday November 28. Volunteers are needed to help with route management and support.
Holiday Party; Wednesday December 4, North Ridge Country Club. Register on the Event Calendar
Holiday Party - Updated 10/28
We had 53 members respond to the Holiday Party Survey with 87% of the responses supporting the option of holding a catered event and 13% favoring keeping the traditional pot-luck. The 2019 Holiday Party will be held Wed December 4, 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the North Ridge Country Club. The Holiday Party Committee is working out the menu, which will be "heavy" appetizers. The cost will be $15 per person. Members and their significant others are invited. You may register and pay by selecting "Register Now" from the event on the calendar. 

Volunteer News - 11/7

Storage Locker; Jim McCandless has graciously agreed to take over storage locker duties effective January 1. He is looking for a co-locker coordinator. Please contact Jim at or a Board member if you can help out. 

Spring Blitz 2020; Kathy and George Koumis have agreed to chair Spring Blitz 2020. Stay tuned for more information on how to sign up. 

Party Pardee; We are looking for a volunteer who is interesting in chairing this event. This is a three year commitment to learning and running our most important event. This year would be a "shadow" role where you would shadow the chair and co-chair and learn more about running the event. Next year you would co-chair the event and become more involved with the day-to-day behind the scenes work. The third year you would chair the event. With over 200  and captains and volunteers the job is not as hard as it sounds. There is tremendous support in all details of the event to make you a success. Contact either Nancy Bischoff or Phyllis Billings at for more information. 

We are also looking for volunteers to assist at Rest Stops 2 and 3. This is a great opportunity for new members to get involved, learn more about the ride and support the club. Again, contact Nancy or Phyllis if you are interested in helping with Pardee. As a reminder, members are expected to volunteer at the event. Each year volunteers are invited to ride the course prior to the event so that they can experience the route. 

Soup Ride
Sylvia Gude has graciously agreed to Chair the annual Soup Ride. It will be held Saturday November 9 at the William Pond Park Gazebo. The ride starts from Five Points Shopping Center at 9 a.m. and soup will be served at 11 a.m. at the gazebo.  This event is open to all members. Sylvia Gude and Teri Hottman are looking for volunteers to either sign up to bring soup or to help with the event. Please contact Sylvia ( or Teri ( if you can help with either.  If you have never participated in the Soup Ride, it is another one of the Club's great social events with wonderful soups provided by our members and a fun social ride. 

Spring Blitz Chair - Updated 11/5
Kathy and George Koumis have agreed to chair Spring Blitz 2020. Kathy and George are working out the details of the Blitz Dinner and once this is complete you will be able to sign-up on the Event Calendar. 

For new members who may not be familiar with this event, the Club each year encourages members to get back in shape after the winter doldrums with our March Spring Blitz event. Members who wish to participate, sign up and to encourage you to ride and get back in shape the Club will make a donation to the American River Parkway Foundation based on the total miles ridden in March - so the more you ride, the more we donate. And, to award participants, a dinner is held in April to celebrate the donation and miles ridden. 

Stay tuned for more information on registering for this event.

Cal Bike License Plate Program - 10/28
We just received word that you can now pre-order your Cal Bike License Plate. The purchase of the California Bike Plate will generate grants to promote cycling as a physical activity, fund bike skill development and nutrition education at the elementary school level and create safe places to ride through cycling advocacy. Grants will also support earn-a-bike programs for at-risk youth, middle and high school programs, promote bicycles as transportation and conduct safety and share the road education programs for drivers and cyclists. Grants will be available to statewide coalitions, community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, county health departments and other organizations.

The Bike Hikers have been challenged by the Cal Bike Plate program to obtain 100 plate orders (and beat all other local clubs). In order for the plates to be produced, 7,500 pre-orders must be received in the next 12 months. As of today, with little promotion there 190 license plates have been pre-ordered. To help support the promotion of this program, the club will be donating to the program. Lets do our part to support cycling and exercise. 

For more information on the program and to order your plate visit CAL BIKE PLATE

2020 Tours - 10/9

Are you interested in organizing a club tour  in 2020? Now is the time to start planning. Please reach out to our Tour Chair Bob Kendall if you have an interest or would like more information. Tours are presented to the membership at our January 2020 meeting; however if you schedule a tour later in the year we can have you present your tour at another meeting.

Event Calendar - Last Update 8/8
Rides can be added to the Event Calendar all year long. There are still many open days in November and December. Look on the event calendar for a day with no ride. Select the "Add Quick Event" button, complete the necessary fields and save your event. You do not need a ride leader account - so any club member can be a Ride Leader; add and lead a ride. Our Ride Coordinators will receive an email once you add your ride. They will contact you if there are any questions. If you have any questions, reach out to either Mark Munguia or Kathy Koumis or email 

Board Meetings - 9/2
The Board generally meets the 4th week of each month. Any member who would like to address the Board or present an item for the agenda can e-mail the Board at