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PARTY PARDEE 2020 IS SOLD OUT - MARCH 6!  Thanks to all club members/ marketers!       
CLUB and BOARD MEETINGS - Postponed until further notice.

Members who would like to address the Board or present an item for the agenda can send an email to the Board at 

The Board is receiving comments on the Proposed Pedal Assist Bike Guidelines and will take action to approve the guidelines at its March 26 meeting. Members may review the proposed guidelines by clicking here DRAFT PEDAL ASSIST BIKE GUIDELINES. Please send your comments to

SPRING BLITZ  - Register any time during March  Register Now 
Spring Blitz and the Spring Blitz dinner are postponed due to the current health advisory. Please watch for updates when the advisory ends.

Spring Blitz is an opportunity for the  Bike Hikers to get into shape for all those metric centuries coming up while raising donation dollars for the American River Parkway Foundation (ARPF). 

Sign-up for a $22 registration and dinner fee.  Then, track all your miles for March, including club, animal and all other miles ridden and submit them to the Spring Blitz Chair, Kathy Koumis on April 1.  A club donation to the ARPF will be based on the total number of miles participants ride in March. Contact Kathy Koumis at if you have any questions and to submit your miles.


Pre-Order your Cal Bike License Plate for your car. The purchase of this special plate will generate grants to promote cycling as a physical activity, fund bike skill development and nutrition education at the elementary school level and create safe places to ride through cycling advocacy. Grants will also support earn-a-bike programs for at-risk youth, middle and high school programs, promote bicycles as transportation and conduct safety and share the road education programs for drivers and cyclists. 

The Bike Hikers have been challenged by the Cal Bike Plate program to buy 100 plate orders (and beat all other local clubs). In order for the plates to be produced, 7,500 pre-orders must be received by September 2020.  Let's do our part in helping California become a healthy, cycling state! 

For more information on the program and to order your plate visit CAL BIKE PLATE