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SBH Hill Challenge 2021

Mark’s Challenge:


Choose a hill and count your repeats. Starting January 1, 2021, select as many hills as you want to report, be it Baxter, Beatty, Costco or another, and log how many times you climbed them throughout 2021. At the end of each month, an event will be created allowing you to RSVP with a comment to log your count of climbs and other stats. If you miss a month, just add to the following month. At the end of the month, each participant’s achievements will be totaled and reported. Hopefully in 2022 we can celebrate our achievements. A special forum "SBH Hill Climb" has been created for discussion among participants.
Although the event is underway, it is not too late to join in the fun by climbing some hills 😁 

Contact Mark Munguia for information : Tell Me More!

Send photos of your climbing and your climbed hills for posting: Show Me!

Here is a link to the latest report: Up, Up, We Go!

Some highlights through April:
Number signed up: 25
Number who climbed:17
Total number of climbs: 631
Total elevation climbed: 202,315 feet
Most popular climbs:

-Pennsylvania Ave: 76 climbs
-Iron Point Rd: 82 climbs
-Beatty Dr: 58 climbs
-Folsom Lake Crossing: 45 climbs
Other challenges:
-Bald Hill Rd.: 26 climbs
-Malcolm-Dixon: 26 climbs
-Ridge Road: 27 climbs
-Shirland Tract: 26 climbs
-Wilson: 29 climbs
-Mt. Diablo (South Gate, 3069'): 3 climbs
-Mt. Tamalpais (2650'): 1 climb

2021 Hill Climbing

The Hills:

These are the hills we are tackling. More can be added.

Auburn Folsom Rd

Auburn-Folsom- Rd-from-         Douglas- Blvd

Bald- Hill Rd

Baxter Grade Rd

Beatty Dr

Bowman Rd



Chili Hill Rd

Crother Rd

Deer Valley

Dick Cook
East Natoma

Estates Summit

Folsom Lake Crossing

ForestHill Bridge to Lincoln Way

Gilaidi Rd

Glenview Rd


Green Valley Rd

Haines Rd

Hollow Oak Dr

Indian Hill Rd

Iron Point Rd/ "Costco Hill"
Irish Hill

Lozanos Rd to Ophir

Malcolm Dixon

Meadow Gate Rd 

Montridge Way


"MT. Hamilton"

"MT. Tam"

"MT. Umunhum"

Mt Vernon Rd
Oak Leaf

Old Foresthill Rd

Old State Hwy

Placer Hills to Tokayana




Placer Hills Rd
Ridge Rd

Ridgeview Dr

Rock Springs Rd

Salmon Falls Bridge to Rhino

Serrano Pkwy

Shirland Tract Rd

Sierra College Blvd

Sierra College north climb

Sierra College South- climb

Sunset Ave

Tokayana Way

Twelve Bridges Dr from Sierra        College

V. Barlagio thru Powers Dr

Whitney Oaks Dr to Park Dr