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Date: 3/15/2020
Subject: Self Quarantine
From: Steven Kahn

Bike Hikers;
In light of the current Covid-19 health crisis, many of our members have expressed concern with our sign-in process and close contact members have during our rides particularly at coffee and breakfast stops. Earlier today Gov Newsom issued a health advisory recommending that all persons over 65 years of age self quarantine  to minimize exposure to the Covid-19 virus. 
Given these concerns and that many of our members fall into this category, the Board of Directors has immediately suspended all club rides until further notice.
We recognize that we have many rides on our event calendar and perhaps some members would like to continue to ride in small groups using our ride library and start locations. This will be a personal choice. Riding in small groups has benefits in terms of safety so if you are comfortable and would like to ride with other members you may consider going to a ride start as listed on the calendar to ride with other members. There will be no sign in roster, we will not track mileage and since these are not club rides there will not be any club insurance coverage. 
Since we have invested in Club Express as a communication platform we support any member who would like to use the calendar or Ride Update Forum to communicate with other members about casual rides until we can re-start our normal ride schedule. There is no need for any ride leader to cancel listed rides at this time.  
We will be working with Kathy and George Koumis to determine  how this may effect Spring Blitz, but it is likely we will delay the end of Spring Blitz and the Spring Blitz dinner.  Please stay tuned for more details. 
If it is not raining I plan to be at tomorrow's ride start at Gold River in the event someone does not see this message or would like to ride.  
This is an unique time for our club. We appreciate your understanding with these temporary changes, but the health and safety of all our members is our primary concern. We will continue to keep you informed as the situation evolves. Please email if you have any questions.
Thank you 
Steven Kahn